A Medieval German Calendar
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The Kingdom Events Calendar
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Oct 18-22 War of the Wings XII, Sacred Stone, Booneville, NC
Site: Elchenburg Castle. 2239 Center Road, Boonville, NC 27011

Site Restrictions: Pets are allowed but must be controlled at all times and policed. This is a Primitive Camping Site. We try our best to help and accommodate but folks with significant mobility challenges or who need access to electricity should contact the Disabilities Coordinator to determine if the site will be appropriate for them. This is a wet site, modern laws concerning alcohol apply, violation is cause for being put off site. Ground fires and sumps are allowed but must be filled in and coals, rocks, remains of wood, burnt and unburnt, removed to the trees. No firearms permitted on site.

Martial Activities: Armored | Rapier | Target Archery | Combat Archery | Thrown Weapons | Equestrian | Youth Combat

Autocrat: Posadnik Nikulai Ivanovich (Neal J Atlow). 5516 McCormick Rd, None, Durham, NC 27713. Phone: (919) 3088640. Email: nikulai AT atlow.org

Web Site: http://www.warofthewings.com/
Nov 10-12 Tournament at Elchenburg Castle, Booneville, NC
Greetings! It is Charlesbury Crossing’s privilege, nay, the pleasure to tell you of a tourney the likes has never been seen in the Kingdom of Atlantia before! On the feast day of Saint Leo the Great (November 10, 2017), a grand tourney held at castle Elchenburg will pit tourney companies against tourney companies. Archers! Practice your aim, for your accuracy will determine the fate of your team in the lists. Heralds! Your words will carry loud and far crying the virtues of your company! Squires, Knights, men-at-arms! Polish your armor and prepare to meet your fellows on the field. Calvary! The skillful partnership of horse and rider will be on display for all to see! Will your tourney company take the day and prove to be the Seekers of Serenity… Protectors of Elchenburg Virginity…and the Enforcers of our Sovereign King?!?

Website: https://tourneyatelchenburg.wordpress.com/
Nov 18 Buckston Birthday Bash, Buckston-on-Eno, Burlington, NC
Our Birthday Bash is a day full of martial activities, A&S Competitions, Games, Dancing, Bardic and Feast!


Martial Activities: Heavy
Thrown Weapons
Dec 8-10: Yule Toy Tourney--Jerusalem
Table Rock Retreat and Conference Center, 125 Bethany Cove Dr., Pickens, South Carolina 2967
Feb 10 Fasnacht des Stein, Middlegate, Winston-Salem, NC
Site: Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church. 1355 Jonestown Rd, Winston - Salem, NC 27103

Site Restrictions: No Pets allowed except for service animals. Smoking in designated areas only. Children MUST be supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times during the event.

Autocrat: Gisela vom Kreuzbach (Kate Rauhauser-Smith). 1019 Mitchell St, Mt. Airy, NC 27030. Phone: (336) 793-7753. Email: Gisela.vomkreuzbach[AT]gmail.com AT

Web Site: https://ofthestone.wordpress.com/
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Yule Toy Tourney